Security & Defense



DEA Security is an Italian company which designs, develops and produces state-of-the-art perimeter intrusion detection systems. DEA Security's perimeter protection systems delay and detect unauthorized access events far away from the actual target area.

Our product portfolio features different types of outdoor perimeter intrusion detection systems: fence-mounted systems for the protection of flexible and rigid fences, buried/underground systems for the protection of either concrete flooring or surfaces with no rigid foundation (tread soil, lawn, asphalt, etc). We also offer a comprensive range of indoor perimeter detection systems for the protection of doors, windows, walls, ceilings, window grates, security metal bars, safes and raised floors.

DEA's intrusion detection systems are employed in protecting perimeters of any size and type, such as military and gouvernment sites, seaports and airports, petrochemical and industrial compounds, water and electricity utilities, nuclear facilities, PV parks and high-profile VIPs.

Our product range also includes DEA NET communication network (which can be interfaced with IP networks) and DEA MAP supervision software.


DEA Security's electronic detection systems realize four layers of protection, from the boundary of an estate to each single entry to a building. Starting from the outer layer, you can find SERIR and TORSUS systems for the protection of metal fences; then SISMA CP 50 buried system, SISMA CA for the protection of concrete flooring, SERIE A03, SERIE SPC/SPR and XENSITY indoor detectors, SISMA CA PF for the protection of raised floors.